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"In the three years since I purchased the products our company doubled from 25 million, to 50 million in revenue."


Give God an Ultimate Return on His Investment! Our most Advanced-Level Course will guide you to go further in your leadership than you ever thought or imagined. Gain the ultimate intimacy with God through your ministry, personal mandates and destiny...and leave a lasting legacy!

The Ultimate CEO Online Course features lessons that will capture the ultimate freedom: intimacy with God and family. You will obtain a greater vision enabling you to work on other/all personal mandates.

Each module is densely packed with information and knowledge to help you function in a chairman role which, ultimately, will allow you to leave a lasting and impactful legacy. Please note: Do not purchase this course if you have not already completed Maximum CEO. 

What You Will Learn

  • Ultimate Intimacy With God & Family 

  • Obtaining a Greater Vision 

  • Uncapping God’s Work Within You

  • Generating Future Generations of Generalists

  • Capitalizing on the Optimum 

  • Building Succession


Trusted by 125,000+ Leaders Globally

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