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The Institute of Maximum Leadership

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Student in Library
Maximum University

The Institute of Maximum Leadership is working tirelessly with educational experts to format the System into University-level programs, including those in pursuit of a Bachelor's Degree, Master's Degree and Doctorate candidates. Maximum University will be hosted by certain universities, colleges and other higher learning institutions. To bring Maximum University to your school, call +1 866 578-6865

Trainer Certification

Have you been impacted by the System? How would you like to share it and inspire others? The Institute of Maximum Leadership is already in the launch stage of our Trainer Certification pilot program, which is designed to certify candidates as Maximum CEO Trainers. The program is expected to be open to the public as soon as Fall 2021.

Doctor Teaching on Seminar
Max University
Private Consulting

In the near future, the Institute of Maximum Leadership will be offering private consultation for your organization. To make a private consultation request, please contact us at +1 866 578-6865

Trainer Certification
Private consultin
News & Events: Section Title
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