"Even if everything you’ve tried before has failed, Maximum CEO guarantees results."

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The Maximum CEO Online Course features 50+ sequential lessons dedicated to instructing leaders according to a Scripture-based System to lead their organization and fulfill their divine purpose without getting burnt out or bogged down by minutiae. 


Each module is a densely-packed 20+/- minutes. You’ll discover how to start inspiring your team to carry out your God-given vision and create a succession plan, ensuring your organization is not solely dependent on you. 


Even if everything you’ve tried before has failed, Maximum CEO guarantees results.

What You Will Learn

  • Comprehensive Core System Curriculum 

  • Foundational system training

  • Scriptural System- systemically applied= systemic

  • Generating future generations of leaders

  • The System Pillars of Excellence: positioning, process, planning & performance

  • The prerequisites to the system. 

  • The tachometer; the CEO job description.

  • The leadership pipeline, the leadership ending. 

  • The funnel; the total involvement, empowerment, proverbs process; the I.P.= Formula for innovation and reinvention; prioritizing facilitating meetings, etc. 

  • Building teams: discipline central; learning laboratories; collaboration innovation hubs building cultures of discipline, learning, accountability, honesty, etc. 

  • The G4 schematic and the principles and precepts 

  • The scriptures that make it work.

  • The greatest leader tools.

  • How to generate motivation, commitment, ownership, and advocacy 

  • Closing the Gaps

  • Transformation while transacting 

  • Celebrating Nobel failure

  • ‘Real time’ coaching

  • Coaching, teaching, training, and mentoring

  • Annual performance grid and summary 

  • P.A.R. Evaluation

  • Overcoming timidity; becoming puissant 

  • Perpetuating the succession plan of Christ

  • R.O.I. for God on the greatest investment of all time

  • Reinventing the way, we lead God’s business

  • Establishing your brand DNA, USP 

  • Critical team core competencies

  • Starting with the facts, issues, KPIs, dashboard 

  • Cross functions and eliminating silos 

  • Purging command and control

  • Leading constructive change 


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