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Program Overview

This System WORKS...If You Work It.

System Purpose



God’s leaders reach the fullness of their created purpose, achieve their destiny, and accomplish mighty exploits for Christ.



the succession plan of Christ by discipling leaders to generate future generations of leaders.



the methods, processes and procedures, skill sets, art forms, and leader jobs description for maximum effectiveness.


CEO functions in and models CEO job description. CEO builds team structure. Teams build organization simultaneously vs. sequentially.



how to apply the scriptural system and build a highly torqued performance organization without sacrificing quality of life (not an oxymoron). 

The 4 P's

Everyone has to get into position. The CEO functions in the CEO Job Description and builds a team structure while the teams work to build the organization simultaneously versus sequentially.



The CEO must establish Proverbs, Empowerment and a Total Involvement Process. Functionally, the CEO will build up people who will then build up the organization because teams function with value, commitment, ownership and advocacy.


Without vision, the organization grows stagnant. The CEO brings the vision to their organization and leads an all-out attack on the future, empowering teams to accomplish more than they thought possible.


Continued performance hinges on acumen in the CEO skill sets. The CEO must disciple by modeling the art forms of performance while teams learn the art of evaluation, facilitation, accountability, and discipleship. Conflict resolution and direction setting are key 

Invest In


  • Continue to etch this system into your spirit 

  • Become all you can be for Him

Your Destiny

  • Equip yourself to stay strong in your calling

  • Attain the purpose for which you were created 

The Future Generations

  • Build people to build an organization

  • Be able to generate future generations of generalists

Your Vision

  • Don’t limit God. Maximize your mandates

  • Be confident in achieving what you envision

Those Entrusted In You

  • Teach your leaders to maximize their potential

  • Encourage them to be all they can be for God 

Your Legacy

  • Build an infrastructure of succession

  • Bequeath a lasting legacy

The Kingdom

  • Give God a return on his investment

  • The greatest investment of all time - Him coming

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